Monday, August 10, 2009

Duty And Honour: A Game of Adventure and Romance in Wellington’s Army

Duty And Honour: A Game of Adventure and Romance in Wellington’s Army from Omnihedron Games’ is the RPG of fighting the Napoleonic Wars on the British side. It is primarily set during the Peninsular Campaign in Spain and Portugal, the player characters serving as infantry soldiers, NCOs, and officers in Wellington’s army. Character creation mixes player choice and random elements, the detailed result includes both combat and non-combat elements. It uses ordinary playing cards instead of dice to both generate characters and resolve challenges and tests. Everyone will need their own deck of cards. Before each test, each side states what they want from the test and the GM draws a single Card of Fate from his deck. Everyone involved (GM or player) then draws from his deck to gain successes by matching the suite and number of the Card of Fate. The outcome is determined by the winner’s intent.

It is mostly played out as a series of Missions, each broken down into several challenges. Missions are primarily military, but players can create Personal Missions too. Characters will participate in battles, but not die. Their deaths are not meant to happen randomly in battle. The skirmish rules focus on their participation and the battle’s outcome, determined by character successes. The game comes with rules for artillery and cavalry (including characters as cavalrymen), plenty of background, suggestions for non-Peninsular Campaign games, and GM advice. If there was an RPG for Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe novels, Duty And Honour would be it.

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