Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.

In the recently self-published Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. from Third Eye Games, the characters are employees for the same named corporation, which has protected mankind for centuries from demonic and supernatural activity. They work as a squad from one of ten offices worldwide and investigate prophecies, miracles, and other weirdness. In particular, policing demonic immigration from other dimensions, most demons being illegal on Earth under the terms of the API Registration Act. Other demons, like Burners (Fire Demons), Changelings, Lochs (Fish People), Spectrals (Ghosts), Taylari (Vampires), and Wolf People are legal and can be employees. The detailed point-based character generation system lets characters have cybernetics, magic, and psionics. Mechanically, magic and psionics are treated the same, and each spell/psionic ability is easily customized with small upgrades during character generation or with experience points. The rules are straightforward, but combat is crunchy, its emphasis being on a fairly detailed martial arts system.

Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.’s setting is our world, but with demons and tight gun control in the USA! Which seems too fantastic. Otherwise, the setting is underwritten, focusing on the corporation over the real world. It also lacks a scenario, and has too few scenario ideas. A scenario is needed to show how the game works, but is currently only availabe in the supplements. The lack of a detailed setting means that the game’s intended humor is lost, while the horror element is poorly supported by an inadequate fear/insanity mechanic. Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. does not lack potential, but it needs support.

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